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The coating industry visionary, David E. Berry founded the Depor Industries, Inc. in the year 1974 for the application of corrosion preventive coatings on automotive parts. He soon turned his focus on to the research and development of coating systems to meet the growing expectations of the automotive industry and established the Magni Industries, Inc. in 1978 to manufacture its own brand of coating products. In 1985 he purchased Anti-Friction Enterprises (1985) Limited to serve the automotive industry in Canada.

On December 30, 1986, these three companies were reorganized as The Magni Group, Inc. with Depor Industries, Magni Industries and Anti-Friction Enterprises becoming wholly owned subsidiaries of the parent corporation. The founding father Mr. David E. Berry continues to be the chairman and principal owner of The Magni Group and it's subsidiaries. The Magni Group, Inc. located at 390 Park Street, Suite 300, Birmingham, Michigan, serves as the corporate, sales and administrative world headquarters.

In 1997, due to increased demand for Magni coatings, Magni Industries, Inc. added a second research and manufacturing site at Independence, Kentucky, USA.

The long felt need of our customers to have parts spray coated with Magni Coating Systems was fulfilled with the inauguration of SprayTek, Inc., another subsidiary of The Magni Group, in Ferndale, Michigan in 2004.

Magni Europe, located in St. Ouen, Paris, France was established in January 2000 to service the European market and to meet the needs of the OEMs and to become a global coatings supplier. This was followed by the acquisition of Dr. Schmid in Schorndorf, Germany in 2002 which is a full-service coatings manufacturing facility serving the European markets.

In 2003, Magni America do Sul located in Campinas, Sau Paulo, Brazil was added to the group to serve as the sales, distribution and laboratory support centre for the South American market.

The additions to The Magni Group in 2005 are Magni China and Alpha Technologies, Inc. in Suzhou, China. The former serves as the sales, distribution and technical center for China and Asia while the latter serves as the Magni coatings applicator in China.

The latest addition in 2007 is a Joint Venture in China with Olier (Guangzhou).

The Magni Group is set to increase its global presence. For the Magni Group with a vision the sky is the limit!


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Anti-Friction is the Leading Applicator of Magni's Engineered Coatings in Canada



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