Non-Automotive Applications


The Magni Group has developed hexavalent chrome-free alternatives to Chromium plating that have gained wide acceptance in the non-automotive markets. Anti-Friction is capable of applying these coatings. These coating systems have been specified by motorcycle, golf cart, recreational vehicles, construction, barbeques, agriculture and other Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Anti-Friction is a leader in the application of various zinc-rich, corrosion-resistant organic coatings on fasteners and small stampings for both the automotive and non-automotive industries. We specialize in dip/spin application in which the parts are placed in a mesh basket, submerged in the coating solution and spun centrifugally to remove and recover the excess coating material. Dip/spin systems are most advantageous in bulk coating for small parts such as nails, screws, nuts, bolts, clamps, clips, springs and stampings.


Anti-Friction also applies non-automotive water borne coatings for many industrial, construction and commercial applications. These coatings are available in a variety of colors and offer superior weatherablity. The water borne coatings are widely used in deck building and are found at major hardware stores.

ASTM F1136-88; F1137-00 Grade II  
Bendix ES-1825  
Bosch N67F 603.31  
Caterpiller IE 1675G(Magni 565/511) 240-480
Dana 20451A  
Delphi DX55041; DX550069  
Fruehauf TL-VW57029-US FES124  
Trident TAP 100A (Magni 565) 1000
Military MIL-C87115A; MIL-S-001222G 480-840
John Deere JDM F13 (Magni 565) 960
International Truck TMS-4518 Type I and II (Magni 565/511)  
Cummins 74058  
Lennox ESO0288 960
Paccar CS 0059  
Trane / American Standard ES360-3009  
Arvin Meritor P91  
ISO 10683 Magni 511/565 240-960
General Electric F6982 (Magni 511 /565 /594) 500
Deck Screw & Building Screw Coatings Magni 599 1500
Industrial, Construction& Commercial Applications Magni W600 (Green) 1500
  Magni W601 (Tan) 1500
  Magni W602 (Red) 1500


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Anti-Friction is the Leading Applicator of Magni's Engineered Coatings in Canada



Anti-Friction is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.

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